Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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NDAR makes it easy for you to get through the application process

About NDAR

The Acronym NDAR means National Diagnostic Assessment and Referral. NDAR is a system that integrates with HEART Trust/NTA’s Training Management System (TMS). Hence, in the general discussions, we say, the NDAR system. The NDAR system is national in nature as it facilitates the central point for TVET applicants to carry out the following: 1) Enter Biographical Data, 2) Complete Psychometric Assessment, 3) where applicable, complete Diagnostic Assessment, and where applicable, complete Proficiency Assessment. In addition, other institutions and companies will be able to access HEART Trust/NTA’s Psychometric and Diagnostic Services.

HEART Trust/NTA in seeking to strengthen and streamline the Application and Acceptance process, has committed to a policy of not turning away any applicant who needs training and development. HEART Trust/NTA recognizes that not all applicants meet the matriculation requirements for training; hence a referral mechanism is being implemented for those applicants for further interventions. When such interventions are completed, the referred persons would become eligible for re-assessment .

The referral agencies will be many based on the type of intervention required. However, in the first instance, and in the first phase of development and implementation, the referral agency will be the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL). HEART Trust/NTA has additional internal mechanisms for referrals and strengthening, especially at the Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI) and also at the HEART College of Innovation and Technology (HCIT).

A critical output of the NDAR system is to facilitate the development of Prospective Learner Profiles. Such Profiles will be used by the intervening agencies to strengthen the intervention programme. Additionally, such Learner Profiles will be used by the training institutions to provide an enhanced training experience by equipping instructors, counsellors and other administrators with pertinent learner information. HEART Trust/NTA takes pride in contributing to our national development with this important strategic intervention.